Liao Kuei-Chwai

Cyber-woman for hire


May 29th

Place of Birth
Johto – Brought to Tohoku at a remarkably young age

5’4" / 163cm / 64.1732 in.

114 lbs. / 51.7095kg

Ectomorph – Lean Column

Type III / Medium-Fair

Blood Type



Sexual Orientation

Marital Status

B34" W22" H34" / B87 W55 H86 cm
Cup Size Volume
Bust / Underbust
Bra Size

Hobbies and Interests
Sewing / Drink mixing / Disassembling & reassembling


Liao is a woman of varied talents and unusual focus on mechanical arts. Her dominant areas of skill were those in medicine and technology but her deeper interests lied in the latter – specifically cybernetic enhancements.

She is no stranger to social encounters, manipulating people to do her bidding with a flourish of persuasive logic but is of tactical mind – picking her battles carefully to fit her needs further down the line. She can be socially awkward when she sets her mind on something and anything she deems irrelevant becomes promptly ignored (even her personal safety or the safety of others) becoming rather blunt in her actions or words.

Orphaned at a young age and finding no connection with her foster parents Liao had sought out to live on her own at the age of 16. She began college at the age of 17 and stuck with it until the age of 21 where she now finds herself employed by Professor Dogwood. So far she’s proven to be handy with technology or medicine (though she claims she is not skilled in medicine) and is incredibly picky about her captures.

She’s allied herself with Coral and Asta (though hasn’t yet called them anything beyond colleagues) in order to forward her work description. Since she works on upgrading her own body through cybernetic enhancements she creates and performs herself she has a constant worry of finance is possibly the most prominent feature she displays (this could also stem from living on her own at a young age). It’s believed she’ll do anything for money and refuses to perform any service, regardless of morality, without being promised an agreeable wage (to date no one has yet to deliver her agreed upon pay and one can only guess what the consequences to that may be) given the exception her own personal safety is placed in danger (such as the event on the highway).

Her cybernetic enhancements have replaced her arms and legs with machinery, enabling her to perform actions typically requiring training from the average person. Her right arm can also transform into a flamethrower and her eyes radiate a red glow, allowing her to see in total darkness, grant her IR vision and allows her to detect, connect-to, control and speak from mechanical devices and/or machinery.

Her current Pokémon roster is as follows:

Liu Chang-Jung Trubbish Pokémorph
Her starter given to her by Professor Dogwood and possibly the best match-up when paired with Liao. She refers to Liao as Master and while she follows Liao’s orders she speaks freely and often offers suggestions to Liao – sometimes directly against Liao’s planning.

Im Yeon-Woo Hitmonchan
Im was captured as a Tyrogue during the insurance fraud scandal of The New Cueball Gym. He’s tried his best to prove himself to Liao since his capture and quickly evolved into a Hitmonchan.

Nae Sung-Ryung Eidoll
Nae was acquired during the Underdog Festival from a specialty breeder. Nae is a Pokémon not commonly found in Tohoku and has only been used by Liao once – during the Fighting Pokémon Gym challenge. Despite being a Novice in Pokémon battles and being incredibly nervous Nae performed well enough to catch the eye of the Gym Leader and has since acquired some confidence. She voices her concerns openly with Liao.

Liao Kuei-Chwai

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